Six Months After Receiving A Heartbreaklng Diagnosls, Toby Keith Provides An Important Update

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Six months after receiving a heartb-reaking ca-n-cer diagnosis, Toby Keith provides an important ca-n-cer update.
Six months after admitting he had stomach c-an-cer and stepping away from the country music scene to focus on his health, country music legend Toby Keith is offering an update on his ca-nc-er battle.

Keith stated to the CMT Hot 20 Countdown that he is still fig-ht-ing c-an-cer, despite the fact that the road to c-an-cer-freedom has been fr-aught with difficulties. Despite his recent difficulties, Keith intends to be back on the road and on stage shortly.

“I’m considering getting back into fighting form.” “I simply need some time to rest and heal,” Keith said on the radio show. “Having to go through all of that is really debilitating, but as long as everything stays hunky-dory, we’ll look at something wonderful in the future.”

Keith shocked fans in November when he was recognized with a 12-minute acceptance speech and performance at the BMI Country Awards in Nashville. While Keith may not be ready to be back on the road just yet, he appears to be well on his way.

Keith revised his summer plans after originally informing the world of his ca-nc-er dia-gnosis. “I’ve been undergoing che-mo, radi-at-ion, and sur-ge-ry for the past six months.”

Keith went on to say that things are going well as his battle continues. “Things are looking up so far. I need to take some time to breathe, recover, and rest.”

Keith is battling stomach ca-nc-er, as he stated in the message. And, as he continues to fight and recover from his tre-at-ments, the musician stated that he will do so with the support of his family.

While his revelation surprised many of his followers, he stated that he intends to return to the state soon. “I am excited to spend time with my family. But I’ll see the fans sooner rather than later. I can hardly wait.”

Keith has ca-nce-led many of his summer gigs, according to CMT, in an update to his summer calendar.

According to CMT, “over a dozen tour dates listed on his website” have also been removed. Keith is not expected to take the stage for the remainder of 2022.

Several high-profile Keith friends flocked to Instagram to wish him a quick recovery. Many people, from Troy Aikman to Jason Aldean, said they were praying for the singer.

“Damn bro,” wrote Jason Aldean. “I’m sorry you’re going through this, but if anyone can kick Ca-nc-er’s a**, it’s you. I’m praying for you, big man.”

“Prayers for complete hea-ling,” wrote Matt Rogers. “Take a seat and unwind. We hope to meet you soon.”

Toby Keith took to Instagram a few days after his first announcement to express his gratitude. “I appreciate all of your love and support. I have the best supporters on the planet.”

The 60-year-old has been married to his wife, Tricia Lucus, for 38 years. The couple has three kids together.

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