Bobby Brown Fried Chicken With C*calne Thinking It Was Flour

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Bobby Brown sits down with Mike Tyson and Matt Barnes on the hot boxing podcast and revealed the story how he cooked fried chicken with c*calne. He told his mom was a dealer and use to keep the work in the kitchen and on tell he remembered himself.

trying to make dinner and used c*calne wondering it was flour. Bobby had to be transferred to the hospital. He claimed the chicken was so amazing. Once, when Brown was 10 year old, he was left alone and planned to try his hand at making fried chicken,reaching for a bag of white powder that he wondered was flour. “So I planned to use the huge bag of flour I discovered in the freezer to make some fried chicken. I got the chicken Pisces out of the refrigerator and covered a bunch of pieces in the flour.

Then I dropped them in a utensils of sizzling oil. I was only 10. So I didn’t felt the strangely pungent smell emanating from the pan. When the chicken pieces were amazing and brown, I thought I was done.”
“Later I had taken a few bites and feeling weirder with each bite,

my mom came in the door. At first she was smiling at the decision that her little Bobby had made dinner. Then her gaze swept over the kitchen as she got hit with the full brunt of the scene, the smell, the mess, the powder. With scary, she felt what I had done.

I fried chicken in her c*calne — a radical new including to the family’s culinary offerings. Cocaine chicken.”
It’s just can’t unexplainable how one could, you familiar that, [claim that I] got her addicted to dr*gs,” Brown told. “I’m not the cause she’s gone.It makes me feel terrible. But I know variously. I wonder if anyone ever knew us, if anybody ever spent time around us instead of time looking via the bubble, they would familiar how we feel like about each other.”
Here’s an abbreviated version of the event: When he was a kid,

Brown was unaw*re that his mom sold c*calne in order to help the family. One day, while his parents were away, he planned he’d cook dinner for his mom, who taught him how to cook fried chicken. So he goes to the kitchen, took out the chicken from the refrigerator,

and went to the freezer to get a huge bag of flour—or what he wonder was flour. The bag was literally filled with c*calne, which Brown used to cover the chicken before making it.

Credit: Juno Chapmak