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Crockpot Ham Green Beans and Potatoes is my go-to recipe for using leftover ham. We usually cook a big ham on all the Major holidays (along with Turkey or Beef) and this is by far the most delicious “Leftover” recipe ever!


2 lbs of fresh green beans, cut into pieces
2 lbs of ham, diced
4 baking potatoes, washed & diced
1 medium Vidalia or red onion, diced

How to Make Crockpot Ham Green Beans and Potatoes:

Put everything in the crockpot, add 3 cups of water and season to taste with pepper.

Do not add salt until you are ready to serve as potatoes absorb salt and you’ll end up adding way too much!

put on low for about six hours

other ideas:

if your ham didn’t have much flavor the first time around you can use chicken broth in place of the water, add a bay leaf (but remove it before serving).

if you prefer “crispy” green beans- add them during the last hour of cooking instead of when you start the crockpot.

Credit: allwecook