Top 20 Handsome Men of 2022, According to People Worldwide

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The Independent Critics are a group of people around the world who create an annual list of the most attractive celebrities

Each year, they base their list on the opinions of users worldwide.

This year they created the list of 100 most attractive male celebrities based on their aesthetic, originality, daring, and passion.

The top 20 members of the list have so many new faces, and we can’t pick our favorites.

20. Idris Elba

19. Xiao Zhan

18. Damiano David

17. Zayn Malik

16. Anson Lo

15. PewDiePie

14. Paing Takhon

13. Austin Palao

12. Jason Momoa

11. Jungkook

10. Dean Schneider

9. NI-KI

8. Vinnie Hacker

7. Teahyung, “V”

6. Lucien Laviscount’

5. Keung To

4. Chris Hemsworth

3. Timothée Chalamet

2. Hyunjin

1. Henry Cavill

Which guy on the list was the most unexpected one?

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