After Mom’s De-ath in Nursing Home, Sons Learn She Sold House for $1 and They Can’t Inherit It

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Your mother sold her house to someone a week before her de-ath,” the lawyer told the two men. “How could she do that?” one of them growled before the lawyer handed a sealed envelope to the brothers. “Here, read this. It’s a letter from your late mom,” he said.

“Don’t you think it’s strange Mom’s lawyer never called us after her de-ath?” Mark asked his brother, sitting on the chair next to him in the waiting room of the lawyer’s office.

“I think that’s very unprofessional of him,” Peter replied. The brothers lost their mother three weeks ago and had been anxi-ously waiting to hear about her will. Little did they know that a surprise awaited them inside the lawyer’s office.

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“It’s your turn,” the receptionist across the room gestured to Mark and Peter to enter the lawyer’s room. The brothers felt relieved knowing they didn’t have to wait too long. After all, they had spared a few hours from their busy schedules to drive all the way to their late mother’s hometown.

“Come on, let’s go inside,” Mark said as his younger brother followed him.

As soon as Mark opened the door, his mother’s lawyer greeted him and asked the men to take a seat. The brothers noticed the lawyer’s eyes lit up as if he wanted to tell something important to them.

“We never heard from you after Mom’s death. Is this because we didn’t attend her fu-neral?” Mark asked firmly.

“Did you assume we weren’t interested in handling the le-gal matters?” Peter placed his right fist on the lawyer’s desk and wrapped his left hand around it.

“It’s not what you think,” the lawyer turned his black chair so he could bend down and pull the last drawer of his desk. “Let me explain,” he added.