Pat Sajak’s Child Turns 28: Maggie Says She ‘Learned a Lot’ from Dad’s Influence & They Have Close Bond

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Pat Sajak is famous for hosting the long-time game show “Wheel of Fortune,” which has been running for over four decades. His daughter Maggie was always inspired by her father’s ability to engage an aud*ence and even followed in his footsteps. She hosted the famous show and has a growing career as a country singer.

Pat Sajak has been gracing television screens on his famous game show, “Wheel of Fortune,” and after all these years, he has been an inspiration to his children, especially his daughter, Maggie.

Maggie is trying to make a name as a country singer. By 22, she had recorded three songs and released a music video in 2013.

Pat Sajak in Los Angeles in 2012. | Source: Getty Images

Her first song, First Kiss, was once featured on her father’s show. She recorded the song in 2011 when she was only 16 years old.

Maggie’s talent in music was apparent when she was still a little girl. At eight years old, she started playing guitar. She developed her love for country music at a young age.

She said that country is her parent’s favorite musical genre. “It was always on in the car,” she said. Pat has revealed that his parents were also big fans of country music.


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Pat’s father lived in Nashville for a while and got to listen to some of his parent’s old-time favorite artists, such as Faith Hill, Martina McBride, and Carrie Underwood.

Growing up with country music led to Pat’s experience in the music industry. He worked as a DJ at a Nashville radio station and discovered an even deeper love for country music. Now the love for country music has been pbacked down Sajak’s generations.


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Maggie’s parents saw her potential at a young age. Aside from music, they also encouraged her to develop her dancing sk*lls by enrolling her in dance clbackes.

Maggie said her pbackion for music grew stronger when she received a new guitar at 13.” When I started thinking about doing this for a career, it just came naturally that country was the genre I was going to go into,” she said.

Maggie has stayed in Nashville, a city known for its country scene, to write and record songs. She released another music video in 2013 for her song, Wild Boy.

Maggie is one of Pat’s two children with his second wife, Lesly Brown. Pat and Lesly, who have been married for 28 years, also share a son, Patrick.

Maggie Takes a Jab at Hosting Her Father’s Famous Game Show
Maggie was in the front row of her father’s long-time game show, where she discovered her love for performance. Even though hosting differs from singing, Maggie said it taught her a lot about engaging an aud*ence and realized the many similarities between both art forms.


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As the daughter of the famous “Wheel of Fortune” star, many TV viewers can quickly recognize Maggie. This is not only because of her father’s fame, but Maggie made appearances on the show.

She made her first appearance in 1996 when she was a year old and has always enjoyed being on set, “I loved being around the set with him,” Maggie said. She returned in 2020 as a host of the “Wheel of Fortune and filled in for her father.

She hosted alongside co-host Vanna White, and they had fun making Pat’s famous impressions. It was even more fun for Maggie to return as the special letter-turner 24 years later.

Maggie will be celebrating her 28th birthday on January 5. The talk show host’s daughter is still growing as a country singer and talk show host.

Maggie dreams of becoming a country superstar. She considers Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, and Faith Hill as her musical influences.

What’s Next for Pat Sajak after 40 Years at “Wheel of Fortune”
Pat started hosting “Wheel of Fortune” in 1975 when it premiered, and as much as the host would love to continue being on the show for as long as it takes, he admitted that his run would soon end.

Pat Sajak in New York in 2017 | Source: Getty Images

Pat said most shows would have ended after 47 years of being on screen, but the show will outlive him. “It appears I may go before the show,” said Pat.

The miracle of having a show become a part of family traditions only gives Pat more motivation that the “Wheel of Fortune” will run for another 50 years, but for him as a host, the end is near.

Nonetheless, Pat is grateful to have been in “people’s living rooms” for so many decades and to be a part of a game show that will carry many memories and be part of television history.


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Pat is not only proud of the w*rm welcome he has received on television but also a proud father of two children who has built successful careers for themselves.

Maggie is interested in the creative arts and seems to follow in her father’s footsteps. His son Patrick strayed away from the entertainment industry and pursued a career in the medical field.